Why Are Most Nigerians Not Yet Using Solar Power?

The issue of electricity supply in Nigeria has been a problem that successive governments have battled to resolve. Nigeria, like much of sub-Saharan Africa, has an unstable electricity grid.

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Generators are a solution to this issue, but they can cost upwards of ₦100,000. They can also be dangerous if used incorrectly. So what can Nigeria do to provide safer and more stable power to the people?

With 8 hours of sunshine a day on average in this part of the world, solar power would seem to be the best energy solution with many great advantages. But the moment, relatively few homeowners and commercial enterprises use solar energy.

It seems like the country’s people are slow to jump on this logical answer. One reason is that the cost of solar power, at first glance, seems prohibitive for most homeowners and small businesses.

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There is a lot of research happening that is allowing the manufacture of cheaper solar panels. This leads to lower solar installation costs. For now, mainly big businesses and the wealthy can afford the top range solar installations. With technological innovations, average homeowners are finding out that they too can afford to supplement their grid or generator produced electricity for at least a few hours a day with solar energy.

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Recently, solar power solutions such as the MTN-Lumos partnership have introduced their pay-as-you-go solutions to Nigeria. This is a great option for users in small homes who want to power their lights, fans, and TV. But it provides power on a fixed-load basis only, and therefore limits household use.

Other solar companies aim at providing power designed to scale with a load that can be used for larger homes with many appliances.  For example, 3 - 4 bedroom homes with lights, borehole pump, plugs, television, fridge, washing machine, microwave, kettle and a toaster.

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These are the solar energy companies which are slowly emerging out of the shadows in Nigeria. Studies show that the major reason for consumers still living in the dark, is a lack of knowledge about solar power cost, and how solar electricity works.

Education and awareness are the keys to growing this market.

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Solar energy providers want an alternative long-term cost-effective source of power that can replace expensive, risky and polluting generators. They can go where the national electricity grid is unable to reach.

As these issues move to the forefront of mainstream discussion and education, it won’t be long before many more Nigerians are lighting up with solar energy!

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