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Why Are Most Nigerians Not Yet Using Solar Power?

The issue of electricity supply in Nigeria has been a problem that successive governments have battled to resolve. Nigeria, like much of sub-Saharan Africa, has an unstable electricity grid.

The Advantages Of Solar Power – Worth It For Africa?

More than half the world’s population who live without reliable electricity sources, is in Africa. With the global shift towards alternative energy, is it Africa’s time to shine?

Solar Information

Solar energy is available for free for all Africans – all you pay for is the technology, installation and maintenance. SolarConnect helps you harness the power of sunshine – and Africa has plenty of sunshine!

You’re no longer at the mercy of fluctuating energy costs due to power company mismanagement or political turmoil. Depending on where you live and your household energy consumption, our solar panel installation will pay for itself in 1 - 5 years.